Identity of Kinesiology and Convergence Strategies for Employment of Kinesiologists

Celebrate 2023 Conference on Kinesiology in Conjunction with the 24th Annual Meeting of Kinesiologists

Instruction for Abstract Submission (Oral/Mini-oral/Poster) and Presenters Awards

Greetings to you all.

We cordially invite you to the 24th KAKACEP Annual Meeting in conjunction with the 2023 International Conference on Kinesiology: Identity of Kinesiology and Convergence Strategies for Employment of Kinesiologists. We are thrilled to announce that the Oral/Mini-oral/Poster abstract submission is open soon.

This event will be held face-to-face and on-site to provide a forum for “In-depth discussions to seek a new direction for the development of Kinesiology and to expand the employment and career opportunities for kinesiologists” in the post-COVID era. Mark the calendar for this year’s conference!

KAKACEP 2023 Organizing Committee

    • Dates: October 28 (Sat) – 29 (Sun), 2023

    • Place: Chungnam National University, Korea

    • Field of Study: Kinesiology-related field (KINESIOLOGY: AKA & NAK)

    • Language: Korean or English

    • Presentation Guidelines:

      • Korean Participants: On-site presentation
      • International Participants: Online presentation (pre-recorded video & live Q&A)
        • Oral: 10-minute presentation + 2 minute Q&A
        • Mini-oral: 5-minute presentation + 1 minute Q&A
        • Poster:
          • On-site Participants: Free discussion in front of the poster
          • International Participants: Free online discussion led by the session moderator.
        • Presentation Language: English or Korean
    • Award: Participants will receive a certificate by the President of the Korean Academy of Kinesiology (KAK)

      • Oral Awards: Grand Prize (1st place), Excellence prize (for 2 people)**
      • Mini-oral Awards: Grand Prize (1st place), Excellence prize (for 2 people)**
      • YIA: 1st place and 2nd place (these awards are granted to excellent oral presenters at the age of 39 and under)**

**YIA awardees are excluded from oral and mini-oral awards

    • Registration & Abstract Submission

      • Important Dates
        • Early Bird: July 3 (Mon) – October 6 (Fri), 2023
        • Regular: October 7 (Sat) – October 10 (Tue), 2023
        • Abstract Submission: July 3 (Mon) – October 10 (Fri), 2023
      • Registration and Abstract Submission Method: Online registration and abstract submission during the early-bird registration and abstract submission period, followed by completing the payment of registration fees prior to regular registration date.

* Registration/Submission Link: KAKACEP2023 Registration and Abstract Submission

  • Payment Method:

  • Paypal: only for participants who live or are domiciled outside of Korea
  • Bank Transfer: A/c number: KOOKMIN BANK 196201-04-227330; A/c holder name: Korean Academy of Kinesiology
  • Registration Fees:

Registration Categories

Early Bird
July 3 – October 6, 2023

October 7 – October 10, 2023







  • Composition of English Abstract:
  • Research Presentation Types and Sub-headings:
    • Original Research Presentation: Title, Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusion and/or Discussion
    • Mini-review Presentation: Title, Introduction & Methods, Results/Contents, Conclusion and/or Discussion
  • Volume: 3-5 keywords, 350-700 w/c (200Byte) without Tables & Figures
    • Submission of Presentation Material (ppt) & Pre-recorded Video (for International Participants):

      • Submission dates: September 2 (Sat) – October 6 (Fri), 2023
      • Other Details:
        • Korean/On-site participants:
          • Oral: 10-minute presentation material (PPT)
          • Mini-oral: 5-minute presentation material (PPT)
          • Poster: The poster images are to be put on the panel at the presentation stage (Please prepare the actual poster printed in A0: 841*1189 format)
        • International/Online participants:
          • Oral: 10-minute online presentation of the PPT material**
          • Mini-oral: 5-minute presentation material (PPT)**

** Please make sure that the presentation material (ppt) and the presenter’s face are shown in the video.

** Recommended platforms for video recording: Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Power-point, Microsoft Teams

        • Poster: Please prepare the actual poster in A0: 841*1189 format and be available online for a Zoom Meeting.
    • Email Submission: kakacepmeeting@gmail.com
      • Email Subject: Lead author name and presentation title
      • Email Body:
      • Name of the Presenter
      • Presentation Title
      • Presentation Type (Oral/Mini-oral/Poster)
  • Submitted abstracts and presentation materials (ppt) will be published in the abstract book and on KAKACEP event website (ppt).


KAKACEP 2023 Organizing Committee





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