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Identity of Kinesiology and Convergence Strategies for Employment of Kinesiologists

Celebrate 2023 Conference on Kinesiology in Conjunction with the 24th Annual Meeting of Kinesiologists

K-POP GX Contest, 2023

In celebration of 2023 Conference on Kinesiology in Conjunction with the 24th Annual Meeting of Kinesiologists, we’d like to cordially invite you to K-POP Group Exercise Contest, 2023.

This event will be a hybrid event with both online participation (for foreigners) and offline events held in Daejon, Korea to provide opportunities to promote health and improve quality of life through group exercise for 3-7 minutes to match the Korean song. The group exercise program is designed to exercise safely while enjoying the K-POP rhythm, all participants are responsible for getting medical checkups in advance before participating this competition for safe exercise.

Please participate in this competition so that we can develop a habit of enjoying fun and beneficial physical activities.

Thank you.

KAKACEP 2023 Organizing Committee

▢ Event: K-POP GX Contest, 2023

▢ Date: October 28 (Sat) – 29 (Sun), 2023

▢ Place: Chungnam National University, Korea

▢ Participation: On-site or Online (*Online only for foreigners)

▢ Awards

  •  1st Place: Certificate + Cash Prize ₩500,000
  •  2nd Place: Certificate + Cash Prize ₩400,000
  •  3rd Place: Certificate + Cash Prize ₩300,000

▢ Registration and Abstract Submission

  • Registration Period: July 3 (Mon) – October 6 (Fri), 2023
  • Registration Method: All teams representative in this contest must complete the online application, abstract submission, and video submission during the registration period.
      • Sub-headings:
      • Objectives
      • Participants: Number, mean age, and gender of the group members that are in healthy condition.
      • Exercise Program: K-POP song titles, exercise routine, and sequence, mean exercise intensity (average exercise intensity of such as Ratings of Perceived Exertion, RPE), time, and other related program configurations (like usage of tools).
      • Expected Effects of GX
      • Inclusion & Exclusion: 3-5 keywords without tables & figures
      • Volume: 350-700 w/c (200Byte)

▢ Terms and Conditions

  • Exercise Duration: 3-7 minutes
  • Team composition: Aerobic & anaerobic exercise program with 5-20 members
  • Stage measurement: 15 m2
  • Exercise type: Exercise to K-POP music for designated time with an intensity that can be performed without difficulty. It is designed to improve health and physical strength while maintaining the fun aspect of group exercise.
  • Tools (optional): Exercise tools or various fitness props, such as balls, bands, dumbbells, clubs, ribbons, steps, and balance tools can be used. But please use them safely.
  • BGM: Please select Korean songs that are appropriate for listeners of any age, and lyrics containing swearing, bad words, and explicit content are not allowed.
  • Dress Code:
      • Participants must wear proper clothing: Shirtless or bikini are not allowed.
      • Participants should wear sport shoes during the performance.

▢ Notice

Group exercise programs must be designed safely so that no damage occurs during exercise. Therefore, all participants are responsible for receiving a doctor’s examination in advance before participating to prevent accidents during exercise.

▢ Video Submission

  • Submission period: September 4 (Mon), 2023 – October 13 (Fri), 2023
  • Submission method: Send the video file or google drive link to email: kakacepmeeting@gmail.com
      • E-mail title: (Leader name/Affiliation) “K-POP GX Contest 2023 Video Submission”
      • Email content: (Team name) submitting the video file to participate in K-POP GX Contest 2023
  • Video file format: avi, wmv or mpeg4 (One-take video)
  • The K-pop music used for the exercise should be inserted to the video
    • By participating, you agree that the ownership of the abstracts and videos are transferred to the organizing committee of this event. You may find the abstracts in the abstract booklet and the video footages on the website operated by the Korean Association of Certified Exercise Professional/The Korean Academy of Kinesiology.

▢ Preliminaries and Finals

  • Preliminaries: Video evaluation results and finalists will be announced on October 20 (Fri), 2023.
  • Final:
      • Korean: On-site final
      • Foreigner: Real-time online final
      • Final competition schedule: Notified by E-mail on October 20 (Fri), 2023

▢ Evaluation Criteria

  • Exercise program: composition of movements suitable with rhythm and musicality of K-POP music, originality, exercise value and effect, utilization
  • GX Performance in preliminaries (video) and finals (on-site/online): expression, proficiency, unity, safety, interest point
  • Points subject to deduction:
      • Matters that violate terms and conditions
      • Video submission deadline: When you fail to meet the deadline for video submissions for the review.
      • Prohibition of video file editing: When you attempt to hide motion mistakes by editing the video: In case of inconsistency between the video contents and the contents of the final announcement, points will be deducted from the evaluation score on the day of the final round.
      • Poor video quality


KAKACEP 2023 Organizing Committee





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