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Identity of Kinesiology and Convergence Strategies for Employment of Kinesiologists

Celebrate 2023 Conference on Kinesiology in Conjunction with the 24th Annual Meeting of Kinesiologists

The 22nd Global Undergraduate Conference on Kinesiology, 2023

Greetings to you all.

We cordially invite you to the 22nd Global Undergraduate Conference on Kinesiology, 2023 in conjunction with the 24th Annual Meeting of Kinesiologists, which will be held on October 28-29, 2023.

KAKACEP 2023 Organizing Committee

▢ Dates: October 28 (Sat) – 29 (Sun), 2023

▢ Place: Chungnam National University, Korea

▢ Field of Study: Kinesiology-related field (KINESIOLOGY: AKA & NAK)

▢ Abstract Submissions: Original Research, Mini-review, or Case Study

▢ Presentation Guidelines:

  • Korean Participants: On-site presentation
  • International Participants: Online presentation (pre-recorded video & live Q&A)
    • Oral: 8-minute presentation + 2-minute Q&A
    • Poster: Free Discussion
      • Korean/On-site Participants: Free discussion in front of the poster
      • International Participants: Free online discussion led by the session moderator.
    • Languages: English or Korean

▢ Awards (oral/poster): Certificate & Cash Prize

  • Oral: Certificate & Cash Prize
    • 1st Place: Certificate + ₩200,000 in cash
    • 2nd Place: Certificate + ₩100,000 in cash
    • 3rd Place: Certificate
  • Poster: 1st Place, 2nd Place, & 3rd Place: Certificates

▢ Registration & Abstract Submission

    • Important Dates
      • Early Bird: July 3 (Mon) – October 6 (Fri), 2023
      • Regular: October 7 (Sat) – October 10 (Tue), 2023
      • Abstract Submission: July 3 (Mon) – October 10 (Fri), 2023
    • Registration or Abstract Submission Method: Online registration and abstract submission during early-bird registration and abstract submission period, followed by completing the payment of registration fees prior to regular registration date.

* Registration/Submission Link:

KAKACEP2023 Registration and/or Application for GUCK

    • Payment Method:

    • Paypal: PayPal payment is only for participants who live or are domiciled outside of Korea
    • Bank Transfer: A/c number: KOOKMIN BANK 196201-04-227330; A/c holder name: Korean Academy of Kinesiology
      • Registration Fees:

Early Bird
July 3 – October 6, 2023

October 7 – October 10, 2023



▢ English Abstract Composition:

  • Research Presentation Types and Sub-headings:
    • Original Research Presentation: Title, Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusion and/or Discussion
    • Mini-review Presentation: Title, Introduction & Methods, Results/Contents, Conclusion and/or Discussion
    • Case Study: Title, Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusion and/or Discussion
  • Volume: 3-5 keywords, 350-500 w/c (200Bytes) without Tables & Figures

▢ Submission of Presentation Material (ppt) & Pre-recorded Video/Poster*

* There is no submission for review paper

  • Submission dates: September 4 (Mon) – October 6 (Fri), 2023
  • Other Details:
    • Korean/On-site participants:
      • Oral: 8-minute presentation material (PPT)
      • Poster: The poster images are to be put on the panel at the presentation stage (Please prepare the actual poster printed in A0: 841*1189 format)
    • International (foreigners)/Online participants:
      • Oral: 8-minute presentation material (PPT)
      • Poster: Please prepare the actual poster in A0: 841*1189 format and be available online for a Zoom Meeting.
  • Email Submission: kakacepmeeting@gmail.com
    • Email Title: (Lead author/Affiliation) “The 22nd Global Undergraduate Conference on Kinesiology Abstract Submission”
    • Email Body:
        • Lead author (full name, contact number)
        • Affiliation college
        • Research field
        • Presentation title
        • Co-author (student name, contact number)
        • Corresponding author

[Evaluation Criteria]

  • Creativity, reasoning, academic value, abstract composition ability, presentation material, presentation skill, handling of Q&As.
  • Failure to meet the deadlines of registration, abstract submission and/or presentation file submission is subject to points deduction.
  • Submitted abstracts and presentation materials (ppt) will be published in the abstract book and on KAKACEP event website (PPT).


KAKACEP 2023 Organizing Committee





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