Welcome to the website of the 2020 International Conference on Kinesiology in conjunction with the 21st KACEP Annual Meeting.

These events are hosted and organized by the Korean Association of Certified Exercise Professionals (KACEP) and the Korean Academy of Kinesiology (KAK) with the Federation of Korean Special Kinesiologist (FKSK).

The purpose of ICK2020 is to research the specialty of Kinesiology and develop the Professional Kinesiologist Qualification System (PKQS), with special attention to the convergence fields of Kinesiology and sports medicine in the fourth industrial revolution.

The theme of the ICK2020 is “The Role of Kinesiologists in the Era of Aging Society with Low Fertility Rate”.

We provide kinesiology education programs for Asian countries through the Kinesiology Academy with the Asian Society of Kinesiology (ASK).

The Kinesiology Academy teaches basic knowledge and skills of kinesiology to those who want to become professional kinesiologists (運動師/运动师) who can educate and guide physical activity to maintain and promote the human health.

The KAK publishes the Asian Journal of Kinesiology (AJK) with the ASK and support the Asian Conference of Kinesiology, 2021 (ACK2021):

We hope you can enjoy a healthy lives through Kinesiology and physical activity.

Thank you.
ICK2020 Organizing Committee

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