Oral Presentation


김성진(충남대) – The Effect of Virtual Reality Therapy Program on the Profile of Mood States

문도아(인천대) – The Effect of Pilates Exercise on Postural Control and Body Alignment in Healthy Adult Women

이주성(한국해양대) – Energy Metabolism during Walking on Sidewalk and Sand in Overweight and Obese Men

윤소미(국민대) – Relationship Between Altered Gut Microbiome and Metabolic Diseases After Moderate and Vigorous Intensity Exercise

고정란(한국해양대) – Prospective Associations of Dynapenia and Change of Cognitive Function in Middle-Aged and Older Adults

이윤빈(데이터쿡) – Digital Transformation of Functional Movement Screen Based on Artificial Intelligence

고수현(제주대) – Characteristics of Motor Unit Firing Behaviors, Muscle Activation, and Dynamic Stability in Response to Foot Arches During mSEBT

전형규(연세대) – Landing Kinematic Characteristics in Lateral Ankle Sprain Copers: A Meta-analysis

최윤정(한국해양대) – The Effect of an 8-week Aquatic Exercise Program on Pain and Daily Physical Activity in Elderly Women with Knee Osteoarthritis

이준혁(경희대) – Injury Rates and Characteristics in Collegiate Basketball: A Five-Year Follow-Up Prospective Epidemiologic Study

이강훈(경희대) – Morphological Response in Femoral Cartilage after 30-min Running in Individuals with ACL Reconstruction: A Case-Control Study

박상균(우송정보대학) – A Study on the Effectiveness of Virtual Reality-based Physical Activity Therapy Programs: Systematic Review

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