Excellent Dissertations Award (EDA)


심현(국민대학교) – Comparative Analysis of Sports Injury Type and Functional Movement Screening(FMS), Dynamic Balance, Cardiopulmonary Endurance of Jiu-Jitsu Athletes According to Belt Grades

최윤서(한국해양대학교) – Associations Between Meeting the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines and Cardiometabolic Syndrome in Korean Adults

김민지(한국교통대학교) – Effect of Interval, Intermittent, and Continuous Exercise Type on Energy Metabolism During Exercise and Recovery in Male University Students

공태웅(차의과학대학교) – Effects of a Step Heights on Joint Energy Power Redistributions During Front Step-up and Down Movement in Healthy Adults

홍은지(연세대학교) – Mechanical Laxity and Instability May Be the Most Important Risk of Repetitive Ankle Sprain in Dancer

이관형(한국교통대학교) – Effect of 8 weeks Loaded Plyometric Training on Physical Fitness, Lower Extremity Isokinetic Muscle Function and Dynamic Balance in Healthy Adult

문정은(경희대학교) – Vertical Ground Reaction Force and Knee Joint Angle according to Landing Height and Surface

이재훈(차의과학대학교) – Effect of a 8-week Customized Insole on Gait Analysis in Patients with Hallux Valgus: Randomized Controlled Trial

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